2v2 Tournament February 3rd

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no horn for the next 2v2 event
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keep horn in the next 2v2 event
no start with fire for the next 2v2 event
keep start with fire for the next 2v2 event
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2v2 Tournament February 3rd

Postby Turpin » Thu Feb 02, 2017 12:09 pm

OBS: Brackets are in the middle of this post, please scroll all the way to the bottom to download replays without spoilers.

Okay so the first 2v2 tournament under the new council came and went, as some people know this was really a test run for the future format and rules, and first of all i wanna say thank you to:
Team Squad(Srup and Tdallen) (The grand finale winners, with a little help from Quantum)
Team Dads(Quan and Vik)(Third place)
The Brothers(MT and tahsis)
My couch pulls out, but i dont?(God_Death and T.Dogg)
Snap o drama (Oh_Snap and WhoKnowJames)(Second place, with a little help from Mambo)
I also wanna thank Mambo, cookie, tastytastytoast and especially equal for their respective subbing in for (other players) and helping out in the tournament.

Eh, things were learned, next time subbing in will definitely not be allowed once first round has been played, I think most people agree the 2280 fd timer was great for the format, i heard different opinions on not having no horn, so i'd like to take the chance to create a poll, running for a week here, to decide if horn is gonna be included in future 2v2 tournaments and leagues, the same with start with fire, it changes a big dynamic in the game, but it's kind of hard to decide if it's for the better or worse.

Speaking of leagues, it's the next thing i'm gonna push for, so hit me up and tell me if there's anything you'd really like to see. I'll also be looking into incentives, if you have any ideas hit me up yo.

The replays and brackets (the challonge actually didn't work and i had to do a spreadsheet for it) will be uploaded tomorrow(5feb Ninjaedit 7feb)! so check back then in this topic for them then, ps. equal might be doing something record-y with some of them.

Sorry for the delay, replays are here!


Replays are attached.

Original post:
Impulsive 2v2 tournament held february 3rd, sign up using !mail turpin <name1> <name2> in clan TwGB!

  • bo3 semis/bo5 finals if few teams
  • Seed highest clan war point earners in case of uneven amount of teams
  • Use mail to signup
  • 12AM MIDNIGHT GMT/7PM EST kick off
  • Modes: rs, sf, elimination, fd 2280 (30mins after gp)
  • Drake permitted in duel with 3 slots used, may not bring more items into duel.
  • Drake permitted all slots in game
  • Classes may not abuse spellbook and item cooldown by leveling up (including solo mammy, perma-sleep and others not mentioned.)
  • No spawn camping (killing them with a screen of -c 500 of their spawn)
  • No magefire in duel (specifically picking up meat)
  • No intentionally prolonging the game unnecessarily
In short keep the games clean, i've decided to allow spears and nethers for now, but don't nether-spam arena obviously.
ITT 2v2 Tourney - No Spoilers part 2.zip
(1.04 MiB) Downloaded 88 times
ITT 2v2 Tourney - No Spoilers part 1.zip
(1.9 MiB) Downloaded 101 times
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Re: 2v2 Tournament February 3rd

Postby LiquiD. » Thu Feb 02, 2017 9:32 pm

Wish I could make it lads, have fun though and save replays. I'll get around to them when I get a damn job and move out of my parents' house :)
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