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Rules of Governance

PostPosted: Wed Jan 25, 2017 12:08 am
by Turpin
  • Terms are 6 months
  • Election may be called once a meeting with a 67% vote
  • Rules of governance may be changed with a 67% vote
  • Proposals are accepted with a majority (51%) vote unless vetoed
  • The committee may change the rules of governance with a 67% vote
  • New members may be added by or a majority (51%) vote
  • Members may be removed by a overwhelming majority vote (85%)
  • An action of the President may be vetoed with a 67% vote
  • Anyone may hold multiple committee positions
  • You shall not shrink away from your duties
  • All players votes have equal weight
  • Appointed members must be confirmed by a majority (51%) vote from the elected members