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Stepping Down

Postby BlissDarkeyes » Mon Feb 06, 2017 8:29 pm

This is not goodbye but it is a farewell of sorts.
I am stepping down from an active role in the community, I will still be around and play games from time to time.
As many of you know I work in the oil and gas industry which requires me to work away for extended periods, this has severely limited my ability to contribute to regular meetings and keep current with events that require a chieftains attention, I also feel that I am unable to keep current in the competitive ladder.
Due to the downturn in the industry many jobs have been lost and to keep my position I am having to spend large amounts of time training and keeping current with changes in my job.

As I said this will not be the last anyone hears from me but I would like to take the time to thank those who have had an impact on my position over the years and where I have ended up.
Elk Hide - my original guiding hand in island troll tribes
Aue - major contributions to my early strategic mindset as well as shaped how I prioritise objectives and gathering efficiency (I feel one of my strong points)
Borowa - for teaching me early 2 man strategies and keeping me up to date with the meta at the time
Turpin - for taking me in and being the first person to teach me how to play in a real team, also giving me my first major role as TvGB chieftain and allowing me to make it my own, although we fell out somewhere in the middle you contributed much to where I am now and I'm glad you have returned and we have put the past behind us.
C0rr0sive - for giving me the position of co-chieftain and allowing me to really cement my position in TwGB and add my own elements to the clan, this really meant a lot to me personally, the responsibilities you gave me over the years helped shape who I am in real life and I appreciate it
Skamigo - we spent a lot of time playing 1v1s and it really helped me to understand the mentality of playing solo as well as made me really think outside the box and pushed me to my limits at the time.
Khadgar - my second in command of TvGB and my first duo partner, your loyalty and determination are of the highest I have encountered both in and outside of the game
Slimee - my Aussie mate from the other side of the country and my second duo partner, we really had some close games and great times messing around
Davee3 - my third duo partner, you kept me at the top of my game and we really worked together well I think my most successful duo partner competitively, you always had me guessing which one of us was calling the shots
Bigkitty75/liquid - one of my first major rivals back in the day, you always had me striving for victory against you, I would be glad to follow you in a clan war any time.
Nocookie4u - the hours we spent talking about the old days, you helped to re vitalise my love for the game like before, always love your sometimes crazy but credible ideas
Worldeditor2 - too many games we played against each other when everyone else was offline, a great opponent for me
Quantum - for giving me something to strive to achieve in trying to keep up with your skills, unfortunate for me that I never found a strategy to use against you that worked, i really enjoy seeing your adaption and success in any situation that you are put in, you continue to display the highest level of ITT of late.
Quazz - No one can thank you enough for the time and effort you have put in to editing ITT, and you've made it your own adding a flare that has been missed since the early days, you consistently push everyone to get involved and it's a great thing, but beyond that you are a great friend, I remember watching replays of you before I had met you and thinking to myself, this dude is the next generation of ITT, though you went so much further than that. I always wanted to believe that I would win a game against you but being honest with myself now I always doubted my chances once we hit the lobby, I would like to think it would be a close series but could go either way.
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There are so many more to thank but it just goes to show how long I have been playing that I can't remember everything we have done together, at the end of the day anyone who has or will play island troll tribes has my utmost respect, I hope to continue to see ITT and play for years to come, I believe that this presents the perfect opportunity for me to make way for the current generation of players to get involved with the clans and decisions that shape our great game.
I will be sticking around and have time for anyone who wishes to catch up and play a few games, but as I said it's just time for me to hand over my responsibilities.
It can be said at the end of the day that ITT is just a game and it is, but the community and competitiveness of the game have made it such a awesome part of all of our lives.

Thanks again to everyone
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Re: Stepping Down

Postby Nocookie4u » Mon Feb 06, 2017 10:05 pm

Every time you are not around it goes noticed. People still come into the lobby asking about Bliss or talking about how you were the best player they had played against. Your contributions to the game will be everlasting. You were never one to beat anybody with out right skill, and I admire you for that. You climbed your way to the top by using brilliant strategy and just overall out-thinking the opponent, which is a very overlooked skill today. Playing against you was more a game of chess rather than a foot race. Speed was important, but out-thinking your opponent was the most important part. You were always 2-3 steps ahead of me on the mental game, and that is one aspect I pride myself on. Players like us don't get as much glory as the juggernaut chomping down 3 players, the hypno shredding an entire team, or the Rendo Drake. Your contributions each and every game were invaluable to teams success and in todays game it goes much overlooked. Game in and game out, you make the entire team around you better, and that's not something I can say about many players (and the entire community knows I've got a lot to say about everything, if I haven't already). We played the same role within a game we both loved, maybe a bit of a different style too it but we knew where we fit and we loved it. I hate to lose an OldTroll, but life happens to all of us. I know you'll be around when ever you have the chance, so it make's it bearable.

I guess it's not really goodbye, but see you in awhile. You're contributions will be missed, but like I said they have left an impression on me and the game forever. I might have to play gath more often so people don't forget about your deadly build. Much love, stay safe, and don't get caught up with any drop bears.
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