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Clan War Rules

PostPosted: Wed Dec 21, 2016 3:59 pm
by Bliss-Darkeyes
The following are the Clan War Rules laid out by Turpin and Bliss-Darkeyes, Agreed upon by Quantum and Liquid.

1. Games MUST be Authorized by Warchief or Acting Warchief PRIOR to commencement.
2. Scoring *See
3. Clans MUST compete in a mandatory game each week, The format is to be agreed upon by both Warchief's.
4. In Game modes will be decided upon by the Warchief's during each game lobby.
5. Kills/Deaths are recorded from the END of Grace Period.
6. All Official Clan Wars must be held on TwGB/DiS Clan Bots with access to replays.
7. Warchief's may select their representing squad for each game from the list of their 10 eligible players, Warchief's are not required to play every individual game. *See
9. In the absence of the official Warchief the Clan's Chieftain assumes the position of Acting Warchief and holds the same power as the Warchief.

*Rules are subject to change upon agreement of both Warchief's and Chieftain's*