Dec. 12 Clan Matches

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Dec. 12 Clan Matches

Postby Turpin » Tue Dec 13, 2016 3:22 pm

Format: 2v2
Number of Matches in 2v2: 2
Points: DiS (0) TwGB (2)

Description: Liq and Snap shows off their superior 2v2 play, getting a disease out in game 1 right before final fight, game 2 ends in similar fashion.

Format: 4v4
Number of Matches in <format>: 3
Points: DiS (4) TwGB (8)

Description: TwGB's shows off their peak A-teams skills and manages to take back this bo3 from DiS being up 1-0.

Format: 3v3
Number of Matches in <format>: 1
Points: DiS (2) TwGB (0)

Description: DiS's newly created 3's team (Turpin, Viking and Quantum) takes a game off Liquid, Snap and Tahsis, failing a base assault.
3v3 quan turp vik vs liq snap
(263.64 KiB) Downloaded 76 times
4v4 meph liq mamb snap vs turp quan viki cook twgb
(1.13 MiB) Downloaded 79 times
(485.61 KiB) Downloaded 75 times
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