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Dec. 12 Clan Matches

PostPosted: Tue Dec 13, 2016 3:22 pm
by Turpin
Format: 2v2
Number of Matches in 2v2: 2
Points: DiS (0) TwGB (2)

Description: Liq and Snap shows off their superior 2v2 play, getting a disease out in game 1 right before final fight, game 2 ends in similar fashion.

Format: 4v4
Number of Matches in <format>: 3
Points: DiS (4) TwGB (8)

Description: TwGB's shows off their peak A-teams skills and manages to take back this bo3 from DiS being up 1-0.

Format: 3v3
Number of Matches in <format>: 1
Points: DiS (2) TwGB (0)

Description: DiS's newly created 3's team (Turpin, Viking and Quantum) takes a game off Liquid, Snap and Tahsis, failing a base assault.