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Postby Turpin » Mon Dec 12, 2016 5:37 pm

PL0X_J33BUS wrote:
For the sake of the young kids that MIGHT be on here, no p0rn, and LIMIT the swearing...if at all possible

There is to be no p0rnagraphic material posted here. You may discuss "adult" issues, but that is it.

Note, there is a very thin line here. Girls semi-nude is also not allowed. I don't care if "there aren't any nips or a va jay jay showing," still not allowed. You pervs all have your p0rn forums for this shit, keep it there.

No references to warez/illegal software. It will be removed on sight.
Do not flame members, And if you don't know what that means;
Flaming is the hostile and insulting interaction between Internet users.
The only place this is allowed is in the Thunderdome, any where else may results in banning.
Keep clan specific matters in their own section. If you have an issue with someone in your clan, it STAYS in that clan section.
Any sort of spamming that results in the board being unfit WILL cause a week ban. Period.
No trolling is allowed. Definition: An Internet troll, or simply troll in Internet slang, is someone who intentionally posts controversial or contrary messages in an on-line community such as an on-line discussion forum or group with the intention of baiting users into an argumentative response.
No posting of images that Stretch the boards, ie wallpapers, screen shots. Instead post them as thumbnails or links
Do not spam smileys in your post. 4-5 is ok, but excessive of 20 is way too much.
Do not post anything that may be offensive to any religious, ethnic, or sex group. Topics concerning that one race/religion/sex is better than another will not be allowed. Also Any topic that uses racial slurs will also violate this rule.
You may create only one account on this forum, using alternative accounts intentionally created to cause harm to other members or to avoid bans may result in a permanent banning of any/all accounts, and repeated attempts may lead to an ip ban.
Please do not necropost for the sake of doing so. If you reply to a thread that has long been inactive, and have nothing relevant to the discussion at hand, you will receive a warning. Keep in mind that if you revive a "dead" topic with something new/relevant to add, that is acceptable.
[post regarding super subs]

Bad Reply:
Cool, that really helped a lot!

Good Reply:
I've been looking over the forum, and I still don't really get it. Anyone care to explain what these medals you guys are talking about?

Rules may be updated as neccessary...

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